Thursday, 18 March 2010


These are the images i had taken at the Museum, looking at Military Wear etc....

This is my label. My headline is called 'Home'

'Home' referring back to my ''MAKE DO AND MEND' ZERO' project, i wanted to carry on the ethos of what people had to do , how they coped with the challenges of everyday life. I visited the Imperial War Museum, to research into the 'way things were' they currently have an exhibition about the ' Ministry of Food' as well as the ongoing exhibitions of how men and women coped in the army. The most recurring thing that was mentioned was 'Home'. Home was on everyones mind, and was the main thing people spoke about and the memories that they had once was all about their home.

From this i want to create a collection that illustrates 'HOME', sharing my own views and memories as well as others and the period of the War and how they interpreted home and recreated home in their environment.

These postcards i brought from the Museum that illustrates how things were advertised and promoted. Regarding the Food issue, growing your own vegetables, creating a safe environment during the blackouts, and how to create a safe home for you and yours.

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