Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Day One

Brief received, sounds more like me, make do and mend with the traditional slides of things. But still feel a bit out of my comfort zone, big time! But, But But, that is what i want to do!

looking at the possibilities, trying to dismiss and put the knitting to a side and look at more the silhouette and the form on the body, rather than placing it directly on and knitting straight away. so with that in mind i’m going to use all the fabric i have at home and explore the possibilities of what can be achieved and then placing it and doing it in knit...........to be continued maybe.....

Had a discussion with the groups, we all had to bring in one thing that has memory, a feeling and an emotion. i choose to ring my bridesmaids headdress from when i was 5 years old at y aunties wedding. the memory is in snippets which to me epitomizes ‘Memory’. MEMORY if not recorded is, FRAGILE, SENTIMENTAL, FORGIVING, A DETAIL, A DATE, A REMEMBRANCE AND A FEELING. this piece has all that feeling, also a fantasy, it is ever possible to feel all these emotions and not ever forget them or in fact to remember them. One to have a happy ending to have a fairytale, to have that acknowledgment from someone or something, is it ever possible?

Other things that were discussed were the meanings of zero and the make do and mend, the crisis!

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