Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My Manifesto for ZERO

  1. I Swear to use Zero technology apart from printing initial images of research

and photography, so I can develop my ideas.

2. All research and collections of notes all have to be displayed in my three

sketchbooks; Diary, Research (written) and sketchbook

3. To keep a day to day diary with notes and my timings on computer and other electrical


4. To understand that the phrase ‘ Make do and Mend’ is verboten, and that in this case

I will use no conventional methods of joinery

-NO Sewing on the Machine or by Hand

-NO Knitting or Crochet

5. Research all methods that are discussed and described to what to do under the fashion

category. Hence the reason I won’t be using any conventional methods

6. I swear to use only found objects and pieces of clothing that I have been searching

for and that have been given to me. And to not reinvent the same thing again but to

create something different and unique.

7. With this project, I will disclose the meaning of production, invite collaboration

between history, present and future. And generally debunk the maner-as-outer-theory

Thus I make my vow of virtue………

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